Medical equipment, Instruments & Orthopedic Implants Supplier in Bangladesh. It has best Spine, Truma, Hospital Furniture, Power Tools, etc. in Bangladesh.


With products that are recognized as technological leaders by the specialties they serve, caregivers within the Orthopedic, Sports Medicine, General Surgery, Gynecology, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, and Anesthesiology markets have come to value the ORTHOMEDICAL Bangladesh name across the Country.

Our broad portfolio focuses on the needs and wants of specific specialties while coming together at the point of care delivery to offer our customers the power of choice and the power of convenience.

The History with Hardship & Glory

Changing from nonexistence, from small to large scale, from establishment of a business to innovation and from reformation to development, we have been facing troubles and hardships in the course of climb, but happiness and pleasure always arrive when difficulties have been overcome. The most splendid landscape, we believe, exists at the highest location at all the time. Finally, all endeavors will be converted into gratifications for success when we reach peak of undertaking and enjoy our achievements. Nerveless, we still are located at the course of accumulation. Meanwhile, continuous climb also is foretelling our bright future for which we will continuously be struggling to write new chapter of the history of Orthopedic surgery in Bangladesh.

Contacts- +880 1931 484948, +966506662998(KSA), +13 479718840(USA)