Medical equipment, Instruments & Orthopedic Implants Supplier in Bangladesh. It has best Spine, Truma, Hospital Furniture, Power Tools, etc. in Bangladesh.

At the Frist time in Bangladesh, ORTHOMEDICAL BANGLADESH has been providing power tools.

Product Indications
• Arthroscopy
• Podiatry
• Trauma
• Spine
• Hand Surgery
• Total Joint Arthroplasty.

AS PART OF OUR continued effort to rationalise the Hall® Surgical product line, Linvatec is pleased to announce the release of the new Hall® PowerPro® Electric II Modular System. This system includes a dedicated Oscillator Saw handpiece, a Modular handpiece and a range of attachments for drilling, reaming, sawing and placing pins and wires. The PowerPro® Electric II System is small enough for small bone yet has sufficient power for large bone procedures such as acetabular reaming. The handpieces are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and control.

• Lightweight
• Powerful
• Versatile
• Ergonomic design